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  • Welcome

    Hi I’m Yogeeta Mistry! Transformational Life Coach here at my brand, Mind-Food.

    You can discover with me how you can make change for you, of course, with me as your life coach. Through Mind-Food Transformational Life Coach, it’s my aim to get you living a life that truly is in line with who you really are.

    Where are you looking for change? Your career? Your professional life? Your personal life? Remember that you are closer than you think to the life you really want to live. And I’m here to show you how.

    The great thing is you can get started with me today and enjoy my FREE thought leadership and coaching tips.  Simply pop your details into the form below.  You’ll receive my FREE PDF ’10 Secrets To Transforming Your Life’ created from my own transformational journey, as well as free tips and blogs from me as a life coach.  Plus, join many others already benefiting from my thought leadership and advice, like the thousands of followers on my Facebook page.

    You can then discover and explore the rest of my site to see how I can help you change your life through Life Coaching, with me.

    It doesn’t matter where you’re based; although I’m a Birmingham Life Coach, here in the UK, I offer my Life Coaching services throughout the UK and even abroad. And I’m one of only a handful of 3 principles based Life Coach here in the UK, so my life coach services are quite unique.

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    ‘Where’ Are you?

    Of course, this isn’t about where you live. It’s about where you’re ‘at’ in your life.We all have dreams and passions, I bet you do too. Those things that make you feel alive and ‘smile’ on the inside. What I like to call ‘happy success’. But often, these dreams are left dormant and you can feel fearful to really step out and live the life you truly want, and deserve. Everyone deserves to live their true self and so do you.

    You can end up wasting so much of your life filling yourself with doubt. You become a prisoner to fear and the constant’what if’s’. And that can only lead to an uninspired life, feeling stuck. Perhaps the following may resonate:

    • You could be a restless professional or executive living in a world of constant stress, anxiety and deadlines, that is bending you out of shape and taking you further away from your well-being.
    • You might be a high flyer stuck in a world where you don’t belong, working for money with no sense of passion or meaning, stuck with fear of breaking free to what you really want to do with your life
    • You could be someone who just doesn’t know where to turn, feeling lost with wanting new direction and at a complete crossroads.
    • You may have dreams and passions that remain unfulfilled and life is simply passing you by on autopilot

    Or you may not be any of the above. So, where are you ‘at’?

    Perhaps you simply need a life coach for guidance, support and someone to turn to to help you make sense of your life.

    I want you to know that you’re only a thought away from well-being and your happiness. My Life Coach platform is all about helping you to discover that all change happens from the ‘inside-out’.  As a Life Coach, and my Three Principles style of Life Coaching, I will show you how making some small simple shifts, just in the way you think, can change everything for you: how you feel in creating happiness, more income, and the ability to follow your heart, your dreams and passions.

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    Self Discovery

    Throughout life’s trials and tribulations, you can end up forgetting who you really are and what you’re all about. The choices you make can sometimes take you down a road where you compromise your values, live a life not in alignment with your beliefs and leave your true passions stifled and simply a mere dream.

    A happy life isn’t just measured in numbers alone.

    When you lose your sense of self, your sense of identity also gets compromised; you might be excelling in one area of your life, but the rest of your life suffers. You can feel incongruent, out of alignment and therefore unhappy. I know only too well having been there.

    You don’t have to choose between success and happiness. You can have it all.

    With me as your Life Coach I will enable you to do just that: and that is to get back to the real, authentic YOU again.

    With Me as your Life Coach:

    • discover your purpose
    • gain well-being from ‘inside’ and let go of ‘outer’ needs
    • reveal your true passion
    • learn to navigate inward to guide your life
    • break free and eliminate fear
    • tap into your inspiration
    • get YOU back in control of your life by letting go

    You see, if you make permanent shift in your thought processes, you’ll learn to open doors simply by tuning inward rather than outward. You’ll be able to change the way you feel ,make better decisions and open yourself up to the world of opportunity that you may not be able to see right now.

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    Life Coach & You

    If you want to learn to bake, it would probably be wise to learn from a master baker, wouldn’t you agree?

    In the same sense I want you to know that I’ve probably been in your shoes too. Not in every sense. Throughout my life live been at a complete crossroads, stuck in fear of the the unknown; I’ve been in high figure debt not knowing a way out; I’ve been stuck in ‘unhappy success’ at the top of a career I didn’t want to be in, not knowing how to break free. I’ve been in business and lost it all overnight, having to start again from nothing. Basically, I’ve had it not so good. But I changed my life. I know I can help  you.

    I’ve broken free from limiting beliefs, from fear, made big decisions to walk away from my ‘unhappy success’ and learned to tap into the flow of life.  And now, as a Life Coach, I want to help you to change your life too.

    As an NLP Practitioner & Life Coach, Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist I will show you how to:

    • find your well-being from the inside rather than attaching your happiness to ‘outside’ factors
    • get back to the real and authentic you again
    • learn to break free from fear keeping you in your life
    • discover your true purpose in life and live life in line with your highest passions
    • continue to live life from your inspiration and learn to be guided
    • learn to tap into the flow of life and how Law Of Attraction flows through you
    • harness mindfulness techniques to reduce stress in a negative environment
    • understand the relationship between thought and feeling to give you back more control of your life
    • harness the power of creative meditation to help ‘reprogramme’ how you communicate with yourself
    • how to navigate your life internally rather than being ‘stuck’ in your thought processes

    I really look forward to helping you in your journey of self discovery. To book a complimentary Discovery Session and find out how Life Coaching with me will benefit you, simply click here

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