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“I’ve Transformed My Own Life from ‘Unhappy Success’ to Following My Heart And Living My Purpose;  it’s My Purpose In Life To Make A Difference In Yours…” Yogeeta

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    Hi! And welcome to my website, Mind-Food. Thanks for taking some time out of  your day to find out how you can make change for you. Here’s my motto, how I live my life and how I’d like for you to be able to live your life: with Passion, Purpose and Spirit


    In whichever part of your life that you’re looking for change, your career or professional life, or, your life in general, remember that you are closer than you think to the life you really want to live.

    I like to offer value and the great thing is you can get started with me today and enjoy my FREE thought leadership and coaching tips by simply popping your details into the form below.  You’ll receive coaching tips for free, and join many others already benefiting from my thought leadership and advice, just like the thousands of followers on my Facebook page.


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    It’s my  purpose in life to help you live the best life you possibly can be. By working with me, you can make real and lasting changes, in life, work and business. Having made lasting changes in my own life, I can help you do the same with yours too.

    Life Coaching

    We all have dreams and passions, I bet you do too. Those things that make you feel alive and ‘smile’ on the inside. But often, these dreams are left dormant and you can feel fearful to really step out and live the life you truly want, and deserve. Everyone deserves to live their true self and so do you.


    You can end up wasting so much of your life filling yourself with doubt and being prisoner to fear and the ‘what if’s’

    Here’s a few scenarios you may identify with?

    You could be a restless professional or executive living in a world of constant stress, anxiety and deadlines, that is ‘becoming’ who you are?

    You might be a high flyer stuck in a world where you don’t belong, working for money with no sense of passion or meaning, stuck with fear of breaking free.

    Or you could be someone who just doesn’t know where to turn, feeling despair with wanting new direction and at a complete crossroads.

    Or it may not be any of the above either. Perhaps you simply need guidance and someone to turn to to help you make sense of your life.


    I want you to know that you’re only a thought away from well-being and your happiness. My Life Coaching platform is all about helping you to discover that all change happens from the ‘inside-out’.  Through Life Coaching with me, and my Three Principles style of Life Coaching, I will show you how making some small simple shifts, just in the way you think, can change everything for you: how you feel in creating happiness, more income, and the ability to follow your heart, your dreams and passions.


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    Discover Yourself

    Throughout life’s trials and tribulations, you can end up forgetting who you really are and what you’re all about. The choices you make can sometimes take you down a road where you compromise your values, live a life not in alignment with your beliefs and leave your true passions stifled and a mere dream.

    When you lose your sense of self, your sense of identity also gets compromised; you might be excelling in one area of your life, but the rest of your life suffers. You can feel incongruent, out of alignment and therefore unhappy. I know only too well having been there.


    You don’t have to choose between success and happiness. You can have it all.


    My Discover & Transform Programme & Intensives  will enable you to do just that: and that is to get back to the real, authentic YOU again.  The Discover & Transform programme is designed to help you:

    • discover your purpose
    • gain well-being from ‘inside’ and let go of ‘outer’ needs
    • reveal your true passion
    • learn to navigate inward to guide your life
    • break free and eliminate fear
    • tap into your inspiration
    • get YOU back in control of your life by letting go

    You see, if you make permanent shift in your thought processes which changes the way you feel, you’ll learn to open doors simply by tuning inward rather than outward, make better decisions and making yourself receptive to the world of opportunity that you may not be able to see right now.

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    Elevate Yourself

    Once you’ve realised what you want from your life and new your direction, then what happens next? Once you’ve made the decision, designing a new life is an exhilerating process but it can feel overwhelming!

    You see, I totally understand how this feels: I spent nearly 20 years of my life in a career where I didn’t belong. However, it wasn’t cut and dry starting my new life and I hit a brick wall not knowing which step to take next. There was WAY too much I wanted to do!

    This is where my Elevate Programme and Intensives can help you. Coaching with mentoring built in to help you plan your new life and get the support to kick start it all into action. With the Elevate Programme & Intensives you get help with:

    • defining your new life
    • identifying your uniqueness
    • planning the next steps
    • ‘heart’-mapping & storming
    • making ideas reality
    • gaining the required skills & knowledge
    • practical ways in which to get momentum flowing
    • helping you set your inspiring ideas into motion


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  •  Yogeeta Mistry Life Coach

  • I Can Help You To:

    • Find Your Well-Being from the ‘inside’
    • Get Back To Authentic You Again
    • Learn To Let Go Of Fear
    • Discover Your True Purpose & Passions
    • Live From Your Own Inspiration
    • Learn To Tap Into The Flow of Life and Law Of Attraction
    • Create a Life Perfect For You
    • Understand The Relationship Between Thought & Feeling For a Better Quality Of Life
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